Chapter 1

They didn't hate each other. In fact, they were quite fond of each other. Everyone who knew them thought they hated each other but only tolerated each other because of Gabe. Gabe was Tristan's best friend and has been friends with Gina since they were five - fifteen years. No matter how much people believed they hated each other, no one knew that Tristan and Gina's fondness would one day reach an extreme. Even Gabe believed they could do nothing but loathe each other. Then the day came when Gabe told them he'd be going to his grandparents' house in Michigan for a week. Secretly, Gabe was worried that Tristan and Gina's hatred would reach an unbearable height, but secretly, Tristan was worried he wouldn't be able to hold back his feelings for Gina any longer. He knew Gabe wanted her and was sure she wanted Gabe. He didn't want to jeopardize his friendship with Gabe.

Tristan rode with when Gina drove Gabe to the airport. As Gabe's gate number was called over the loudspeaker, he gave Tristan a hug. Then Tristan's stomach jolted when Gabe wrapped his arms around Gina and touched his lips to hers. He was still in shock when Gabe went through the gate to get on his plane. As the plane took off, Tristan looked at Gina.
"Are you two together now or what?"
"No. I don't know why he kissed me like that. Wait..why do you care?"
Tristan grunted, "I don't I was just wondering."
Gina frowned and followed Eric when he started walking towards the entrance to get to her car. She wanted both of them, but a part of her wanted Tristan more. She had no idea why. She has known Gabe a lot longer, yet she still yearned for his friend. She got into her Trans Am and started the engine.
"My cds are on the floorboard. Put something in"

Tristan picked up the cd case and went through it. Not really interested in listening to music, he put in Motley Crue's Generation Swine. The music blasted through the car, and Gina laughed and started to bob her head while singing the words. All Tristan could do was watch this person whom everyone thought he hated. As her head bobbed, her auburn waves of silky hair cascaded her face. He stared as her full lips moved to the words of the songs, and he wondered what it would be like to kiss her. He was suddenly very jealous of Gabe. His curiosity rose when he caught sight of her tongue flipping inside her mouth, as if it were dancing. Gina's eyelashes were long and naturally curled, and Tristan loved the way she batted them, acting as if she cared what people thought of her. Suddenly, her aqua colored eyes were looking straight at him.
"What the hell are you looking at?"
"Nothing... Sorry"
Gina looked at him for a moment and put her eyes back on the road.
"Change the cd, please."
He took out the Motley Crue cd and replaced it with Marilyn Manson. Shelly started singing and bobbing her head again, but Tristan forced himself to look forward. Suddenly, the car started shaking as another earthquake started.
"Gina, stop the car!"

Gina slammed on the breaks, put the parking break on, took the keys out of the ignition, and got out of the car. When she reached Tristan, he was already crouched down by his door. She crouched down next to him, and he wrapped his arms around her to shield her. It suddenly hit him that there was nothing around them that could hurt them. He didn't care. He knew Gina hated the constant earthquakes, so he tightened his hold and covered her as she burrowed her face in his chest. Gina kenw she was ok, but she really was scared of the earthquakes and liked having Tristan protect her. After the earthquake passed, Gina stayed as she was for a few moments.
"Gina, are you ok??"
She looked up into Tristan's bright green eyes and smiled, letting out a slight laugh.
"Yeah, I'm ok. I just feel stupid for being scared."
The fact was that she was still shaking. Eric noticed a single black tear fall from her eyes, which were lined with black eyeliner. He wiped the tear away and hugged her.
"It's ok. You're ok"
Gina, feeling suddenly uncomfortable, stood up quickly and walked around to get in the car. Eric, still kneeling on the ground, smacked his own forehead, rand his hand through his hair, stood up, and got in the car. The rest of the way home, neither one said a word to each other. While driving, Gina wondered why she stayed in town, but when she looked over at Tristan, who was looking out his window, she realized one reason was on a plane to Michigan, and the other reason was less than two feet away from her.

While all of this was happening, Gabe was on the plane, thinking about Gina. By the time Tristan had his arms around her to protect her, Gabe decided her would go for it and be with Gina.

Chapter 2