Beauty is Pain

Chapter 1

Jaryth slowly rose from his seat when the last bell rang. He gave the teacher a weak smile and walked out the door. As he walked out, he looked around, hoping that at least one person would show him an ounce of kindess, but all he got was snickers and cold-hearted glares. He quickly walks out the door and ran to the alley.

Tears were building up, but he forced them back. He walked halfway down the alley, stopped, and sat down with his back against an old building. He buried his head between his knees, and let the tears fall freely. Not long after, he heard a soft "caw." He looks up, but all he saw was a broken mirror in front of him.

He stared at the mirror for a long time, as if he had never seen a mirror before. He finally stood up and walked over to it. He took a good look at his reflection.

Jaryth was 17 years old and stood at about 5'10" without his platform boots. His clothes were solid black with bondage straps, and he wore electrical tape on his arms to cover the scars. The black tears were falling down his pale face from his emerald green eyes, which were surrounded by black make-up. The jet black hair fell to his lower back and was done in a teased, palm tree sort of way. He purposely wore his hair like this to look like the Goblin King of Labyrinth - the character from whom he got his name.

A smile begins to cross Jaryth's face as he screams, pulls his fist back, and smashes it into the mirror with all his might. For a moment, he stares at the blood running over his knuckles. A loud "caw" comes from behind him, and he turns around quickly to see a dove on the ground. He squatted down and reached his blood hand out to the dove. The bird slowly stepped onto his hand.

He stood up and started walking the rest of the way down the alley, stroking the bird's wings. As he stepped toward the end, a flash went off in his face. He looked up and saw a girl with long, silky black hair, beautiful facial features, and a wonderful body. He then saw the camera in her hands. The bird squawked loudly and flew out of Jaryth's hands. He chased it, but as his face hit the sunlight he realized the girl and the dove were gone. He looked around and continued on home

Chapter 2

The next day at school was worse than the last. Instead of just giving looks, the students teasted and pulled at his hair, and one kid slipped a snake inside his locker. He picked up the snake and carried it outside to let it go. Jaryth walked back into the school and into his last period.

"Can anyone tell me the answer," the teacher asked, pointing to the calculous question.

A stuck up girl in pink raised her hand, "Why don't you ask the crypt keeper?"

After the laughter settled, the students heard the first words Jaryth has said since the move.
"You're all imbeciles and will soon pay"
He stood up and walked out of the room.

As he entered the alley, he looked around for the beautiful girl who took his picture. Halfway down he started wondering about the dove. He let out a soft "caw," and soon the dove landed before him. He once again put out his hand - the hand bandaged from the previous day - and allowed the bird into his hand. Again he walked to the end of the alley, but the girl was no where in sight.

"Show yourself! I know you're here"
Sure enough, the girl came out of a doorway. Jaryth was taken aback by how much more beautiful she was up close.

"What are you gawking at?"
"You're dark beauty"
Her smile made his heart skip a beat. No one had ever smiled at him like that before.
"Thank you. You have a lot of dark beauty as well"
"Why were you taking pictures of me?"
"I just told you. You're a beautiful creature."
"You seem to be the only one who thinks so. Can I see the pictures?"

She nodded and led him into the building she was hiding in. She handed him the photographs and his jaw dropped. The girl had pictures of him since the first day he was there. She had the pictures from the day before as well - crying, staring at his bloody knuckles, and stroking the dove.

"Are you a stalker?"
She smiled again, "No. I just love beauty. Not the beauty a person has with make-up, but the beauty that's underneath."

Suddenly, Jaryth felt very shallow. Here, this girl was talking about his hidden beauty, and he was standing here amazed by her physical features. Still...only one question came to mind.
"You don't think I'm physically beautiful?"
"Of course I do! Do you think I would take pictures if I didn't think you were beautiful in every way?"

It was at that moment, Jaryth knew he wanted to be with this girl.

Chapter 3

"What is your name?"
Jaryth smiled at her beautiful and mature name, "Mine is Jaryth. I was named after the Goblin King."
Alannah laughed, "I bet you love telling people that."
"Actually, I haven't talked since we moved here. People don't like me here"
"They're ugly, Jaryth. You don't need them. Surround yourself with the people that can see your beauty."

She softly let out a "caw" and held her hand up. The dove flew over and stopped on her hand, still flapping its wings.
"How did you do that?"
"Sarah is my bird. That is why I watch you. One day she just flew into the alley, and I saw you there. She teaches me the beauty."
"Partley from The Crow,partly from Labyrinth.
Jaryth smiled, "What are you into other than beauty?"
"Music mostly. It sounds stupid, but I ilke the hard rock of the 80's."
"I like that music. People have said my hair looks like the guy from Cinderella"
Alannah looked at him, "You're rambling. Tell me what's wrong."
"I hate the people here. Everyone is rude to me without getting to know me."
"People are shallow"

As the two started getting deeper into their conversation, they liked and appreciated eachother more and more, but it was soon ruined.
"Oh look, the crypt keeper found his own kind."

Jaryth looked up at the girl in pink. As he looked up, Alannah hissed.
"Go away, you ugly piece of trash."
"You can't make me, and watch who you're calling ugly, bitch"
Alannah stood up and gave a cold stare to the girl with her blue-green eyes.
"Get out of here"
The girl turned and walked off without another word.
Jaryth laughed, "You're my savior!"

Chapter 4

Hours later, Jaryth finally got on his feet.
"I have to go home."
"OK. I'll see you tomorrow."
She stood up and softly kissed Jaryth's lips. He smiled, put his fingers on his lips, and slowly walked out. When he got home, his father was waiting for him. He wasn't surprised when he smelled the alcohol on his father's breath.

"Where have you been?
"I met someone. I was with them."
"You're lying! Don't lie to me you ugly piece of dog shit. I knew you were shit since your mother gave you that dog shit name."

The word barely had enough time to come out of Jaryth's mouth before his father's fist struck his face in the same place Alannah's lips just were. He fell backward, rolled over, and spit out the blood. His father stood there with his fists clenched.
"You're the dog shit! You've been dog shit for years! Don't blame me because mom died while you were driving drunk! Don't blame me because you killed two other people! They should have taken you with them!"

Jaryth ran to his room and slammed the door. Every night he would wonder if that will be the night his dad finally puts him out of his misery, but he hopped it wasn't tonight. He had to see Alannah again.

The next day, no one bothered him except for one guy.
"I heard you and your freaky bitch were messing with my girl. Watch your backs before you get hurt"
"Don't call her a freaky bitch. She's a beautiful creature"
"You see that cut on your lip? If you don't shut your mouth, it won't be the only one."
The boy walked away, and Jaryth felt his lips. He didn't realize his father had left a cut.

After school, while he was walking down the alley, he carefully looked at the belongings that were left there. The mirror must have had some story behind it. Maybe someone didn't like the way they looked in their reflection, or maybe someone just got a new mirror. A stack of papers and a blankey led him to believe a homeless person once lived there. He then heard the familiar sound of the dove. He turned around.

"Hello Sarah. How are you today?"
It flew up and landed on his shoulder.
"Let's go see Alannah"
As he walked toward the end of the alley, she appeared.
"What happened to your face?"
"You're lying."
"Do I have to tell you?"
"You don't have to."
She didn't say anything else. After being there for a few hours, he bursted.

"My father did this to me. He's an abusive drunk who killed my mom and two other people in a car wreck. He doesn't care about me. No one does!"
Once again, Jaryth started crying in front of Alannah. She moved the hair that was covering his eyes.
"I care about you, and you care about me. All we need is eachother and Sarah"
"That's fine. I don't want anyone else."
Alannah leaned over and gave him a deep, passionate kiss. Sarah squawked and flew outside as they made love.

Chapter 5

For once in his life, Jaryth was happy. He didn't mind the constant ridicules from the people at school or from his father. He just ignored them and went on. All he cared about was being with Alannah. Every day he walked down the alley, and every day she would be there, waiting for him. One day he asked about the items that were along the walls up and down the alley.

"Who's mirror is that?"
"It belonged to the woman who lived in the building next to this one. She was beautiful and was my friend, but she constantly showed up with cuts and bruises from her boyfriend. They made her feel less than human. When I finally made her see her beauty, she threw the mirror away and tried to break up with her boyfriend. He beat her to death."
Jaryth didn't know what to say so he changed the subject, "What about the papers and the blanket?"
"Those are mine. I sometimes sleep outside when it's nice outside."
"I should try that sometime."
"You could stay here with me tonight."
"Maybe I should"

That night, Jaryth didn't go home, but when he finally did, his father beat him to the point where his blood stained the walls. Jaryth didn't cry, and when his father finished, he ran to the bathroom.
"When you're done in there, clean everything off!"

Weeks went by, but nothing changed. His father still beat him, kids messed with him, and Alannah was the only joy in his life. One Friday at school, Jaryth noticed that five of the kids were missing. He didn't think anything of it.

After school let out, he was walking down the alley, looking forward to Alannah, but something was wrong. Sarah was nowhere to be seen. It was then that he saw something white on the ground. He ran up to it, and it was Sarah, dead and covered in blood. He ran into Alannah's building and screamed. She was lying there with multiple stab wounds, and her eyes were gouched out. He then saw Sarah's bloody wing lying on her chest. He ran over to her and cradled her stagnant body while he cried and screamed. He then realized why the kids were missing. Hours later he ran to his house, past his dad, and into his room, slamming the door.

His angry father stomped to his door, but as he threw it open, a gun went off and Jaryth's blood sprayed his father's face and the walls around him.