The Dark Side of Love

Chapter 1:

The night with Luke started out as any other- partying, going to Gothic clubs, and scaring children by him pulling me on a leash. We'd been together for months, but still had not slept together. Little did Luke know what was in store for him on his birthday.

Before going home, I put a blindfold on him. He'd been gone for two days, and I wanted to surprise him with the way I had redecorated our bedroom. All the way home he asked what was going on and tried to guess. Every time he said a word I told him he would see - and that he would.

I led Luke into our home and up the stairs, stopping outside of our room. I opened the door, pulled him in and gave him the most intense kiss I have ever given. I pulled his shirt off and started walking toward the bed. As I sat down on it, I took my own shirt off and commanded him to take off the blindfold.

When he did, he looked at the room in amazement. The walls were painted blood red and had chains, whips and many other sexual torture items handing off of them. In each corner of the room was a stand with a vase of black roses. He started walking toward the bed. The bed was a brand new king size mattress covered with black silk sheets and pillows covered with the same material. At each corner was a tall post with black lit candles on each one. Behind the bed was a black metal headboard with handcuffs, rope, a leash, and bonds attached.

I ran my hand over the sheets "Happy birthday, baby"
I leaned my head back, exposing my neck, and he crawled onto the bed, sinking his fangs so deep into my skin that blood ran down past my neck to my chest. I moaned in pleasure as he sucked my blood, and that was the last night of Luke and me choosing to wait.

Chapter 2:

As he bit me, I dug my sharpened nails into his lower back. He grunted in pain, but at the same time, moaned in pleasure. Luke slowly unbuttoned my pants and slid them off. He started to kiss my breasts and to bite and tease my nipples. As he did this, I slid his pants partway off, dug my nails into the bottom of his thighs and made scratches all the way up to his hipbones.

Luke kissed me passionately and sucked on my tongue while reaching for the bonds on the headboard. He put my wrists tightly in the bonds and stood up. I lied there in the nude, bonded to the bed and smiling at him, wanting him to make his move. He walked out of the room and came back holding a long black feather. He slid back onto the bed and kissed me intensely. I pulled away to have my chance at sinking my fangs into his neck. He moaned and left scratches on my sides. It was when I pulled at the bonds that he stopped.

Luke began to trace my body with his tongue, licking me from head to toe. As he did all this, my moaning got louder- until he stopped.
"Why'd you-"
Before I could finish my question, Luke began tickling my body with the feather. Chills ran up my spine as I, once again, pulled at the bonds.

He ran the feather over my stomach and down my legs. As he came back up he stopped at my cunt, and without hesitation slid his tongue inside of me. I moaned as he slithered his tongue around inside my body, but it was when he started teasing my clit that I screamed out in ecstacy. I began to convulse violently, moaning the loudest I've ever moaned. He ran his nails up and down my thigh while doing it. Slowly, he stopped and and brought out his tongue.

Luke crawled over me and kissed me as he undid the bonds.
"Did you enjoy that?"
I responded with a nod and heavy breaths. He smiled, exposing his fangs, and kissed me again. Kissing my neck, he put himself inside of me. He started slowly, at which I moaned and wrapped my legs around him. Then he started to go faster and harder, and I moaned louder and scratched him. As he went even faster, he moaned, and my moans turned into screams of pleasure while I clawed violently at his back, and began to buck wildly. Soon he let out a loud moan as he came inside of me. That night ended with Luke lying on his stomach with me licking the bloody gashes I left on his back.

Chapter 3:

In the months to come, Luke and I used every item we had and the ones we bought after that night. We still were able to find different positions and different ways to use our torture items.

On my birthday, Luke blindfolded me and led me to the bedroom where white rose petals covered the bed. He ordered me into a doggy-style position, and put a collar with a bondage ring around my neck. He attached the leash to the ring and proceeded to fuck me doggy-style, while ordering me to bark. It became one of our most romantic nights.

One day, Luke suggested we go the local S&M club. When we entered the club, we were amazed by the actions taking place. People were using knives and flames on their partners. I looked at Luke with eagerness in my eyes, and he nodded. We began to dance and pushed our way to the platforms.

We soon got a chance to show off to everyone. He chained me up and began to use his moves on me, cracking me with the whip, scratching my bare thighs and biting my neck. He went down to the floor of the platform, and I wrapped my legs around his neck. He stood up and ran his hands up and down my thighs as I swayed my body.

Before we left, the manager asked us to be permenant members of the staff and have a binightly show on the platforms. As we walked out, the cold breeze hit my legs, arms, and the part of my chest that wasn't coverd by my corset. Luke put his trechcoat around me, and we began the twelve block walk home. About halfway a car stopped beside us and honked.

A girl got out of the car and walked over. Luke hissed at her and I asked what she wanted.
"I'm sorry, but I was at the club-"
I let out a laugh. Luke told her she didn't belong at the club.
"You see, I was at the club because I had to pick up my sister. I never saw anyone as into the moment as you two were and... Well the scene facinates me and my boyfriend's wanting more excitement"
I glared at her, "Spit it the fuck out. If you haven't noticed, I'm a little cold and because of the club, I'm horny as hell"
"I want you to teach me. Teach me to enjoy sexual painand teach me to inflict it."
Luke pulled me away and we started walking.
"Please! I will pay you each $300 an hour, and I promise to get you more business. At least let me give you a ride home and we can discuss it"

We looked at eachother, shrugged, and got in her car. When we got to our house, we decided to do it on four conditions: there would be no penetration of any kind, moaning our names is not allowed, she was not allowed on the bed, and if the rules were broken, she would get kicked out without her money back.

Luke and I showed her up to our room and chained her up in our newly-bought cage. He began to crack her with the whip. At first she yelled in pain, but soon was moaning. I took the whip and cracked her across the stomach, the thigh and the breasts. I gave the whip back to Luke and walked around to the outside of the cage. I turned the girl around, slid her pants down and slipped my tongue inside of her. Her moaning became louder- I don't know if it was because of me or Luke cracking the whip. Soon I began to scratch her all over her body.

An hour later, the girl was gone and we were in bed, using the knives and flames as we saw at the club. That was the first night of our successful business.

Chapter 4:

After the girl left we decided to keep our four conditions, but also added three more: all sessions were to be videotaped, there would be no kissing, and all customers were required to take a test to rule out STDs. The business lasted for months and we had an 95% success rate. The majority of the customers were female, but guys and even couples came in.

We had a few problems. A few times our names were moaned. A girl once tried to kiss Luke, and I kicked her out with a black eye and a broken jaw. A guy pushed me on the bed and tried to penetrate me. Luke threw him against the wall and stab his hand with a knife. His blood wasn't even visible on the wall. The business was cut short when I dropped a bombshell on Luke- I was pregnant.

Chapter 5:

Luke and I decided to calm down for a while and keep the baby. We still went to Gothic clubs and sometimes did shows at the S&M club, but we didn't have as much sex.

Luke found a part time job in the All-Metal Music Store. While he was home, we did as much sexual activity as we could but did not use chains or whips. Both of us became frustrated many times, but we never raised our hands to eachother.

One day I was sleeping, and Luke came in to wake me up. I asked him what was wrong, and right then he asked me to marry him. I sat up and hugged him. It was at that precise moment that I felt the first kick of the baby.

Two months of normalcy went by until I told him that I kind of wanted things to be back to the way they were. Luke began yelling at me, telling me I didn't care about him or our child. He stormed out of the house to go to work.

Five hours later, Luke came home and found me sprawled out at the foot of the stairs. He ran to me and shook me until I said his name. He asked me what happened, and I pointed to the top of the stairs.
"The was loose"
"Come on Diana..we're getting you to the hospital, baby"

He picked me up, carried me to the car and drove me to the hospital. I was put on a lot of drugs and didn't know what was going on. I was soon pushed through a set of double doors. At that moment I yelled out for Luke and passed out.

Three hours later I woke up in a room, with Luke at my bedside. When I asked what happened, he looked up at me with his make-up running down his cheeks from the tears. I held his hand and asked him again. He then told me we lost the baby. All the feeling went out of my body as the tears flowed.

Two days later I was let out of the hospital. We had talked for a long time and decided that maybe it was better this way. We both said we would have loved to take care of the baby, but it didn't fit into our lifestyle. Neither of us really wanted to change it. A week later we decided to have the first sexual session in a month.

Chapter 6:

I changed into a sexy piece of lingerie and lied down on t bed. Luke slid onto the bed and began to kiss me with such agression that it caught me by surprise. He tore of my lingerie and began to agressively kiss and bite my breasts. I moaned in pleasure, although I was not used to it.

I cradled and kissed him, digging my nails into his back. Luke then did something I never thought would happen- he began to choke me. He was squeezing his hand around my throat, and I began to gasp for air.

He screamed and shoved himself inside me. I tried to tell him he was hurting me by hitting him, but that only mad him squeeze my throat harder. I thought it was something new Luke was trying, but I knew that wasn't so when I tried to scream but nothing came out. He went deeper into me faster and harder, screaming and tightening the chokehold as he did so. I couldn't breathe and was starting to lose conciousness. I could barely life my arm up. As the last signs of life went out of my body I thought He's angry because I fell down the stairs. I love you Luke

It was only when Luke finished that he realized what he had done. He screamed and ran to the corner.
"NOOO!! Diana!!"
He began crying as he took a gun out of the drawer.
"Diana, I'm sorry..I'm sorry. I love you"

His blood wasn't even visible on the wall.