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Why Did Tommy Leave?


Top 10 Reasons Why Tommy
Left The Cre

#10. Because Mick Mars kept scaring his kids (Brandon & Dylan) when they would come by rehersal with their Baywatch mom, Pam.

#9. Because Vince Neil was not showing MAD LOVE for the new tunes.

#8. He realized while in jail that Mtley Cre is a complete joke.

#7. Pam was banging surf dudes and Tommy got jealous so he decided to stay home and win her MAD LOVE back.

#6. He decided that his Coolio hair-do was DOWN and figured he had a totally HIP & MAD LOVE RESPECT for rap music instead.

#5. Nikki Sixx told him that the WIGGER shit had to stop.

#4 Pam was having a secret affair with Mick Mars.

#3. He heard "My Name Is" by Eminem and said I can do that.

#2. He wanted to stay home to slap Pam around more often.

#1. Because he's a stupid fuck

I took this from http://www.geocities.com/drolkan/index.html